Cris Duval, RDH

Be a lifeline for your patients!
Cris Duval

Break out of the mouth! Discard old, limiting beliefs and protocols and 
embrace a new message and technology.

An observant lifeguard changed Cris’s life when she was a young competitive swimmer, intervening with a warning about her risky behavior (when the lifeguard could have chosen not to). Today, Cris brings the same philosophy to dental professionals: We are in a unique position to take life-saving initiatives and be LifeGuards for our pool of patients.

Patient-health advocate and wellness coach, Cris Duval, RDH, has spent more than four decades chairside. Her contributions to patient-centered dental hygiene have been recognized by such honors as an Award for Significant Contribution to Science and Patient Care from the International Association of Ozone in Healthcare and Dentistry; an Award of Excellence in Public Service from the Oral Cancer Foundation; and a Dental Lifesaver honor from the Oral Cancer Foundation.

A sought-after speaker, Cris has taught master classes and presented in locations from Las Vegas to Chicago to Cuba on topics including patient communication, ozone therapy, and advocating for patient health. You can find her timely, informative, multimedia presentations at Cris’s Corner on YouTube.

Northwest regional coordinator for the Oral Cancer Foundation, Cris is also a founding board member of International Association of Ozone in Healthcare and Dentistry and a Specialty Hygiene Coach and guest speaker for the Richardson Group. A recognized expert on HPV oral cancer screening and RDH career development, she’s published numerous articles in such publications as the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry, RDH Magazine, AAOSH Connect: The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health Newsletter, and IneedCE.

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Cris Duval

Think outside the mouth!

A LifeGuard:

  • Directs and focuses

    attention on the lifestyle, habits and oral health of their pool of patients.

  • Acts as patient advocate

    by developing relationships based on trust, communication andrespect.

  • Offers a lifeline

    to patients through education that empowers and shifts behaviors.