Be a LifeGuard for your patients!

Today’s dental professional is in a unique position to take life-saving initiatives and be a LifeGuard for their pool of patients.

Put Cris Duval’s 40 years’ experience to work for you! Learn a groundbreaking model for professional transformation. Master a failsafe set of practices that can uplift your daily interactions with patients. Create predictably higher levels of health through state-of-the-art periodontal evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment technologies in patient health coaching.

cris duval consulting for dental practices
Cris Duval
  • Examine a model for restructuring the dentist/hygienist relationship:
  • Discover the benefits of and techniques for shifting one’s mindset to prepare patients for health
  • Learn methods to identify patients’ wants and motivators
  • Leverage protocols to shift patients from the danger zone to the safety zone
  • Develop a “sticky” health message that is practical and personal
  • Gain verbal skills for explaining clinical protocol and benefits to patients
  • Understand how to handle common treatment obstacles
  • Master the 20-20-20 hygiene appointment model
  • Compare the technologies that help enroll patients resulting in better oral and systemic health

“When you change the way you think about things,
the things you think about change.”

Customize your consulting content with the following suggested areas of focus:

  • Oral Cancer

    New HPV screening protocols and what they mean for your clinical practice.

  • The Immune System

    Helping patients manage bacterial load and live in the safety zone vs. danger zone.

  • Practice-Building

    Raising the standard of care evaluation, diagnosis and therapy – build the practice while providing the highest level of care to patients.

  • Overcoming Obstacles to Treatment

    Getting past “I just want what my insurance will cover.”

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